About Dr. Cuyler Goodwin

Dr. Cuyler B Goodwin considers himself to be a spiritual man and attends church activities on a regular basis. For example, in 2021, he took part in a church fundraiser at St. Eugene's Cathedral in Santa Rosa, California. He had previously participated in the Halloween Preschool Fundraiser at the same location the previous year.

Dr. Goodwin enjoys his time at St. Eugene's Cathedral because it reflects his values. It is an organization devoted to bettering the community through the principles of not just faith but also worship and, of course, service. He enjoys being a part of a thriving parish dedicated to living according to the Gospel, striving to lead by example and show the world exactly what can be accomplished by solid Christian leadership through the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

But more than anything else, Goodwin wants to do whatever it takes to help improve and empower all of his local communities - not just those connected to St. Eugene's Cathedral parish. In 2009 he spent time as a Financial Intern for the Joan Buchanan for Congress campaign, for example. This occurred in Congressional District 10 in California.